Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops

What did you think of MW2 and Black Ops? Which one is better?
I haven't played Black Ops yet but from what I've heard the maps are small and there is very few maps.
I like games where the map is huge so you can snipe people and drive vehicles. Ex. BFBC2
I definitely love Modern Warfare 2, the multiplayer is awesome.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Are you a proud member of the Horde or the Alliance? or are you both?

 Personally my heart lies within the Horde. I've played both Alliance and Horde races and I like Horde better. Alliance is a really good faction too, they have nice races like Dwarves and Draenei. I love all the Horde races excluding Blood Elf, everyone and their grandma is a Blood Elf. My favorite race is Troll and my favorite class is Paladin. I love the goblin racial traits, they are awesome.


Many WoW players say they think Alliance players are far to immature.
 Although the Alliance has worgens which are a really cool race,
worgens make excellent druids.
Alliance has more paladins, everyone know paladins are the best.
Alliance also has the advantage of having more people.

HORDE or ALLIANCE?                                              

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Maplestory's New Resistance Classes.

It's been a couple of years since I first signed up for a Nexon passport to play Maplestory. Since then, Nexon has released it best patch yet, the resistance classes. The resistance classes consists of Wild Hunters, Battle Mages and Mechanics. Wild Hunters are the equivalent to the bowmen class, Battle Mages are Magicians and Mechanics belong to the Pirate class.

Wild Hunters are ideal for dealing high amount damage to bosses at higher levels.

Battle Mages are one of the best mobbers in Maplestory. Mobbing meaning attacking several monsters at once.Surprisingly Battle Mages aren't like Magicans, they act more like warriors. Mechanics are overpowered in both mobbing and bossing. I've heard a rumor that they are making Mechanics weaker in a couple of months and nobody really likes Mechanics for being overpowered. Other than that, Mechanics are an awesome class, They have a lot of cool skills and high defense.

Wild Hunters would have to be my favorite class in Maplestory. They are my favorite class because they attack from mounts, the mount makes you very fast when killing monsters. They are versatile and deal high damage, also Wild Hunters level up really fast.

Battle Mages are great mobbers and they also deal high damage because they can attack several monsters at once. I honestly love all the resistance classes, they all have high damage and they have unique skills. I'd recommended making a resistance class if you're new to Maplestory, they are great!